Indianapolis Colts Need to be Careful with Injuries for 2013 NFL Training Camp


The 2013 NFL training camp for the Indianapolis Colts hasn’t even started yet, but the team is already dealing with injuries.

The team has already put newly acquired running back Ahmad Bradshaw on the physically unable to perform list, and also have several other injury issues to watch out for during camp. Bradshaw was signed just before mandatory minicamp last month, but saw no action on the field. Bradshaw spent minicamp in a walking boot, and that seems to be where he will begin training camp.

The Colts also have other players that may need a watchful eye over them during camp. Second-year defensive lineman Josh Chapman has been wowing coaches in practice, but is also coming off of a knee injury that cost him his entire rookie season. In fact, there were an abundance of defensive players for the Colts that went down with injury last season, forcing the team to make a patchwork roster. Those concerns, coupled with injuries to several running backs on the roster, could quickly dwindle down a seemingly stacked lineup.

The Dallas Cowboys were one of the first teams to start training camp, and have already lost a player for the season. Hopefully, things such as this will be a warning sign for the Colts. There’s no way to compensate for the occurence of injury, but there have to be preparations set in place to prepare a team for the worst possibilities.