Indianapolis Colts are One Week Away From 2013 Training Camp


The clock is ticking closer to crunch time in July for the Indianapolis Colts.

At press time, the Colts are less-than one week away from the start of their 2013 NFL training camp. Camp for the Colts will run from Sunday, July 28th to Friday, August 16th. The Colts will arrive early next weekend to begin practice at Anderson University, where the Colts have held camp for the past few years. The Colts will have August 3rd, 7th, and 12th off from practice. The August 10th practice will be closed to the public, as the Colts prepare for their first preseason game the following day, against the Buffalo Bills.

The 2013 practices could be leading up to one of the more interesting and anticipated training camps in recent memory for the Colts. Except for quarterback and the top receiver spots, there seems to be deep competition at every position. The fan turnout for 2012 were high numbers, and it could be expected that this season could bring out even more fans to view this young team in 2013.