Forbes Names Indianapolis Colts as a Top 20 Sports Franchise


Forbes has put out their annual list of the world’s 50 most valuable sports franchises, and the Indianapolis Colts have cracked the top 20.

In fact, the Colts are listed as 20th of the 50 most valuable franchises in sports, as according to Forbes. The list, which is topped by Real Madrid of the MLS, has the Colts right behind the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens (19th) on the list, and right ahead of Ferrari (21st). There are a total of 11 NFL franchises ahead of the Colts on Forbes’ list, led by the Dallas Cowboys, who were ranked 5th overall. In total, NFL franchises make up 60% of the list, with 30 teams out of the 50 listed.

Forbes listed the total value of the Colts at $1.154 billion. Credit was given to the Colts for succeeding in a small market, having a good stadium deal, and having dedicated fans. The average value of the top 50 franchises listed was $1.24 billion.