Would the Indianapolis Colts Benefit From an NFL Season That Starts Early in Summer?


The NFL is a business that is constantly changing. With every season, comes new rule changes, new safety concerns, and new adjustments.

The idea of adding games to the NFL regular season is one of the discussions that has been going on around the league recently. Along with such interest in adding games to the regular season, there is also talk of simply starting the season early in the Summer. Would the NFL be better if the season started a month or two sooner? If the league did decided to switch starting dates, how would it affect the Indianapolis Colts?

A season that starts in July would possibly end in December, perhaps right around the new year. If the NFL Draft is indeed moved up to March, that still keeps the league in a near-constant rotation all year long. Training camps in July are hard enough for teams practicing outdoors. Outdoor games in August and early September are already difficult for players. A full slate of weekly games in July, August, and September could be a much harder task for home games against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, and Oakland Raiders.

The current roster of the Colts might benefit more from these possible changes than other teams. An earlier start to the season may prove to be better for younger teams, as rosters with a multitude of older players could find themselves using up even more energy in the Summer than usual. The Colts have one of the youngest teams in the NFL right now, and have decidedly made a youth movement recently, which could keep them more fresh throughout a new season set up.

The NFL is a brand of constant change, but sometimes it is better to leave a good thing alone.