How Will Recent Character Flaws Affect the Indianapolis Colts?


The Indianapolis Colts are a respectable franchise, but they are not above reproach.

The Colts have continued to build their monster, heading into a second season of this new regime. This monster has been built around quality players and coaches. The Colts consist of a roster filled with tough-minded men, people with good instincts, who have shown quality performances. Still, there are sometimes bad apples in even the best bushels, and this batch of Colts players are no exception.

There have been 31 NFL players arrested since the Super Bowl, and this rash of raucous behavior has found its way into the roster of the Colts. Recently, the Colts have had to deal with two of those arrests in their midst. The Indianapolis organization may very well have to make an example of these situations, in order to hinder further character concerns.

Safety Joe Lefeged  was recently arrested on charges of unlicensed firearm possession, as well as evading the police. Wide receiver LaVon Brazill had issues as well, although his was not criminal. Brazill failed the NFL Substance Abuse Policy for at least a second time, and has subsequently been suspended for the first four games of this season. These two issues are separate in both location and legality, but are still two distractions that this young team doesn’t need.

It is still unsure as to what actions the Colts may take with these two players, but some kind of action is necessary. Both of these players have the prospects for prosperity, but both should have to face the consequences of their actions. Brazill has had his punishment from the league, and Lefeged will have his day in court, but the Colts may need to make an example of one (or both) of these men.

Sometimes negativity can be infectious, and should be nipped in the bud before things get worse. The Colts have to let their players know that they will not tolerate such types of nonsense.