What to Expect From the Offensive Line of the Indianapolis Colts in 2013?


In 2012, the offensive line for the Indianapolis Colts gave up more sacks than any other team in the NFL. As the team prepares for the 2013 season, there is honestly nowhere to go but up.

The difficulties that affected the offensive line of the Colts last season were attributed to several issues. Indianapolis suffered injuries from the beginning of training camp last year. The Colts also had to fight through connectivity issues, due to the fact that these injuries caused a constant shuffling of the lineup. This team was working with a new scheme, a new rookie quarterback, and had almost a totally new roster of players.

For 2013, the Colts went right out to try and help fix their offensive line issues, and do their best to protect their young quarterback. Indianapolis used their second pick in the 2013 NFL Draft on Hugh Thornton, a guard from Illinois. The Colts have also brought in no less than nine other new prospects to try and solidify the offensive line.

The Colts have a lot riding on their second-year signal caller, and they have to make sure that he spends more time on his feet than on his back. The 2013 offensive line for Indianapolis will hopefully be more stable and healthy. The Colts will have plenty of room to improve from last season, because it would be hard to get much worse.