What Does the Joe Lefeged Arrest Mean for the Indianapolis Colts?


For the second time in less than a week, the Indianapolis Colts find themselves having to deal with a unnecessary controversy from one of their players.

Joe Lefeged joins LaVon Brazill as a second member of the Colts to be making headlines for the wrong reasons in the past week. Brazill was suspended for four to start the 2013 season for failing the NFL substance abuse policy. Lefeged, however, made his case much more criminal.

Lefeged was held without bond in Washington D.C., for a myriad of charges, ranging from carrying an unregistered firearm, to fleeing from police. The case of Lefeged is still to be determined, but it is up to the Colts to see what the franchise does from here.

The tough truth of theses situations is that the Colts have had two major issues in the past week, following the headline-making Aaron Hernandez criminal case. Although the Colts’ players who have been making negative headlines are much less likely to involve long jail time or much more than a suspension from the NFL, it still makes one wonder what these players are up to in their spare time.