LaVon Brazill is Making a Bad Thing Worse for Indianapolis Colts


Monday’s news that wide receiver LaVon Brazill was to be suspended by the NFL was a shock to the Indianapolis Colts. The suspension was also a shock to the fans of the Colts, as well as the media. To make a bad thing worse, the second-year reserve wide out decided to take his gripes to Twitter, rather than to make a true public statement about his suspension.

The Colts will be without Brazill for the first four games of this season, due to a violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. This occurence could be (at best) a hurdle in the young receiver’s career, but could also be (at worst) the beginning of the end of his career as a Colt. Instead of apologizing publicly, or even explaining himself, Brazill chose to rather express his emotions on social media.

On Monday, Brazill tweeted that he ‘Still got a smile on my face. It’s In da past  movin forward.’ He also posted ‘Minor setback for a major comeback’, as well as the classically cryptic ‘I love hater.’

Those tweets (as many tweets have the tendency to do) caused a stir on social media that was both positive and negative. Some responses were in favor of Brazill, but many responses came back with tired frustration. To some fans and media, it seemed that Brazill hasn’t yet really owned up to his mistakes, and it is causing a unecessary black eye for a franchise that wasn’t totally sold on him to begin with.

Brazill will be able to practice with the team throughout training camp, but will be banned from the organization once the season begins. It is still unclear as to how much this suspension will affect Brazill’s future with the Colts, but there is no doubt that his future is a bit more cloudy right now. As it was, Brazill would have already been fighting for a roster spot, and missing four games after messing up might just push him right out of favor with the franchise and their fans.