How Will the LaVon Brazill Suspension Affect the Offense of the Indianapolis Colts?


The unexpected four-game suspension of wide receiver LaVon Brazill is more than just a headache for the Indianapolis Colts.

The Colts used a sixth-round draft pick last season on Brazill, in hoping that he may blossom into a productive part of the team somewhere down the road. At the time, the Colts already had future Hall-of-Famer Reggie Wayne as their top wide out, as well as Austin Collie in the second spot. Along with Brazill, the Colts also spent a 2012 NFL Draft pick on wide out T.Y. Hilton. Wayne continued to pad his career stats, and Hilton became one of the biggest beneficiaries of the new Indianapolis offense. Collie went down for the season with injuries, which should have opened a door for Brazill to step up and shine. Instead, the rookie wide receiver didn’t seem to benefit from the opportunity in front of him.

Heading into the 2013 training camp, Brazill was set to have another shot at proving himself, but this substance abuse suspension will prove to be another setback for the wide out and the team. On top of  the suspension, Brazill was already facing even tougher competition at his position.

Wayne and Hilton are fairly entrenched into their spots, but several other receivers have entered the fold for the Colts, in hopes of getting their chance to shine on the field. Brazill may look good in practice, but will still have to wait at least four games, while the other young receivers take their shot at his spot.

The Colts have no less than nine wide receivers on their roster right now, as well as three capable tight ends. The Colts have an abundance of talent to choose from on the offensive side of the ball, and due to his recent issues, Brazill could easily find himself on the outside of this roster, looking in.