Running Back Ahmad Bradshaw Signs with Indianapolis Colts


After nearly a week of debate and deliberation, the Indianapolis Colts and free agent running back Ahmad Bradshaw have reached an agreement.

The Colts and the two-time Super Bowl champion rusher have been in a stalemate of contract discussions since Bradshaw came to workout for the Colts last Thursday. There were questions raised as to what may be the hold-up between the franchise and the free agent, because a deal had reportedly been on the table since Friday. For one reason or another, the one-year deal got done, and Ahmad Bradshaw is now a member of the Indianapolis Colts.

Bradshaw is not yet available to be present at the Colts’ mini-camp, which is currently going on throughout this week. To be honest, there may be very little signs of Bradshaw on the field up until and throughout training camp. A hard-playing veteran since 2007, Bradshaw is still an injury concern, so he may be handled with light work until the regular season. Still, bringing in a downhill rusher with a championship pedigree is invaluable to a young team in reload mode.

Ahmad Bradshaw’s contribution to the Colts may not be known or noticeable for a while yet. Undrafted free agent rookie running back Denodus O’Bryant was released, in order to make room for Bradshaw. There are (and will remain to be) many horses in the running back stable of the Indianapolis Colts in 2013. If Bradshaw can stay healthy, then he has a chance to be the driving force for the Indianapolis rushing attack.