Looking Over the Running Game for the Indianapolis Colts


All the talk about bringing in free agent running back Ahmad Bradshaw raises questions about the stability of the rushing attack for the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts ran through running backs left and right last season, resulting in a continuous rotation of the roster. Perhaps Indianapolis needs further assistance with rushing and blocking, or perhaps they just need another body on the line.

As they head into minicamp next week, the Colts currently have no less than seven running backs on their roster. Indianapolis has drafted a running back in the last three seasons, and still have yet to see a true front-runner at the position. Rookie Vick Ballard took the reigns of the running game for the Colts late last season, but he has yet to be tested over a full year.

Aside from the emergence of Ballard, two other drafted running backs (Donald Brown and Delone Carter) have both suffered injuries and performance issues. With the Colts bringing in so many new bodies, as well as fishing for Bradshaw, it seems the this team is still in the hunt for the pieces they need at this position.

The running back spots will be a true competition for the Colts in 2013. Nothing is guaranteed at this point, and no starting position is solidified as of yet. One way or another, somebody (or some bodies) will have to make a splash this season, if the Colts want to run the ball successfully.