Contract Talks Stall Between Indianapolis Colts and Ahmad Bradshaw


Free agent running back Ahmad Bradshaw had a workout for the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday, and the buzz around the organization was instantaneous. Later that same evening, there were talks that a contract was already in the works for the long-time New York Giant. Those talks seem to have stalled, and little word has come from the Colts concerning whether or not Bradshaw’s camp has been willing to accept the offer on the table.

The Colts can use any help available on their running back roster, and bringing in a veteran with two Super Bowl titles on his resume is a definite bonus. The Colts ran through running backs all throughout last season, due to injury and inconsistency. In the end, rookie Vick Ballard stepped up to finish the season in the starting role.

Still, there are several questions that linger when considering Bradshaw, a back that has had a career full of ups, downs, injuries, and concerns of his own. Bradshaw had played for the Giants since being drafted in 2007, but has not played a full season since 2010. In fact, Bradshaw has only played a full 16-game season once in his career.

On the plus side, Bradshaw has an average of over four yards per carry for his career. Even in a two-back system, Bradshaw also ran for over 1,000 yards twice. Last season, he only played 14 games, but still ran for 1,015 yards and six touchdowns.

The experience and championship knowledge that Bradshaw could bring to the Colts is invaluable. So, its curious why a deal is yet to be done. Perhaps the Colts aren’t offering what Bradshaw is looking for. Still, there must be a reason why this running back has sat on the free agent market for so long. The Colts can definitely use all the help they can get at the running back position, but there is no use in bankrupting the farm on an aging bell cow.