Indianapolis Colts Make Additions to Fan Clubs


The Indianapolis Colts have decided to make additions to their Fan Clubs for the 2013 season.

The Official Colts Fan Club, the Blue Ladies, and the Colts Kids Club will all be upgraded for the upcoming season. The additions will focus on all types fans, including adult women and young children, to make their Fan Club experience as enjoyable as possible.

The Official Colts Fan Club entrants will receive a personalized membership kit, as well as offers available for this club only.

The Blue Ladies will offer a personalized members kit, as well. Women interested in signing on with the Blue Ladies will also get special offers, a newsletter, volunteer opportunities, and invitations to private events.

The Colts Kids Club is set up to introduce young fans to their franchise. The kids club also includes invitations to special members-only events, which includes a Colts Kids Club Halloween party.

Fans interested in membership can find more info at,,