Indianapolis Colts Visit Indianapolis Motor Speedway


There’s more than football in Indianapolis.

Considering the amazing success that the Indianapolis Colts have enjoyed over the last 15 years or so, it is sometimes hard to recall that this city has only had a pro football franchise for around three decades. Prior to the arrival (and eventual assention) of the Colts, Indianapolis was known worldwide for the Indy 500 race, which will have its 97th run this weekend.

Last Friday, some of the new faces of the Indianapolis football franchise got a chance to experience what their city has been known for. The 2013 Colts rookies to a visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and soaked in some of the sights around the home of the biggest race in the world.

The Colts were welcomed by Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard, and then proceeded to enjoy the excitement of the “Fast Friday” time trials for the Indy 500. The rookies got a chance to kiss the bricks at the Speedway finish line, took a tour of the garages, and even got to take a lap around the track in a pace car.

Being introduced to their first professional football contract is a massive engagement in its own right, but being introduced to the magnatude of Indiana’s crowning jewel is nothing short of humbling. These young players got a chance to see some of the sports history of their new city, and there is honestly nothing like it.