Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay Helps Out Blue Crew Bar


Jim Irsay seems very willing to lend a helping hand to fans.

Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts, is constantly doing contests and giveaways for fans on social media, as well as numerous charitable endeavours. One of his more recent charitable acts, however, was kind of a mix between the two.

The Blue Crew Sports Grill, located on the North side of Indianapolis, was recently forced to close its doors. Randy Collins, who opened the Colts-themed restaurant for die-hard fans in 2004, had collected $75,00 in debts for back rent. Last week, the doors were literally glued shut, do to non-payment.

Upon hearing the news, Irsay lept to the side of the establishment. Irsay quickly decided to offer aid to Collins and his fellow super fans’ favorite watering hole. Although the details of the settlement were not totally divulged, Irsay reportedly assisted the debt situation, and will also foot the bill for the bar’s rent until September.

The Blue Crew Sports Grill officially re-opened its doors on Monday.