Should the Indianapolis Colts Look Towards Tim Tebow?


On Monday, the New York Jets tried cutting some fat, by thinning out the ranks of their bloated quarterback roster. The Tim Tebow fiasco in Gotham City finally came to an end, putting a period on a very lame story. Now, Tebow will be looking for a new team, but is the circus he brings with him worth it?

There are several teams in the league that could use the public relations boost, (Jacksonville Jaguars, anyone?) but does any team need the headache of having ESPN on their front lawn every day in training camp? The New England Patriots are known for taking on tough cases, when it comes to reaching on players. Lord knows (excuse the pun) that there is a small margin of people in the league who think that Tebow’s career can be resurrected. Still, there is an even smaller amount of people in the NFL who would like to see that same player find success in New England.

The Indianapolis Colts have been very active in the past few months, both in the NFL Draft and free agency. Even if the Colts could find the roster space for Tebow, they might not have a place to put him in the lineup. Not only would the Colts have to put up with the drama that follows this player around, they would have to try and find out what to do with him.

The only reason the Colts would or should look towards Tebow, would be to take him out of the hands of the New England Patriots.