2013 NFL Draft: Should the Indianapolis Colts Trade Up?


The Indianapolis Colts currently hold the 24th overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, and have five picks in the draft total. This year’s draft may be light on high-profile showstoppers, but it is also shaping up to be very heavy on front line talent, which is just the kind of talent that the Colts may be looking for.

The Colts have been trying to beef up their defensive line through free agency, but could still use at least one draft pick on a defensive tackle, linebacker, or defensive end. The offensive line for Indianapolis last season was a shaky and injured mess. The Colts could use a solid starter on both front lines, and it is a distinct possibility that this is the direction that the Colts may decide to go.

The question is, should the Colts try to move up, in order to try and acquire one of the top offensive or defensive prospects in the draft? The Colts have a history of building up through the later rounds of the draft, but it would still be nice to see this team take a shot at another top-notch prospect. Indianapolis only has five picks this year, and is pretty light on trade bait. Had the Colts held on to defensive end Dwight Freeney, then they possibly may have had a bit more leverage to trade up in the draft. As it stands, the Colts may just have to wait and see what falls to them in the mid-twenties of each round.