2013 NFL Draft: Where Should the Indianapolis Colts Look?


The Indianapolis Colts are still making moves in free agency, but will also be looking to fills holes through the 2013 NFL Draft. The Colts have five picks in the draft, and will have to make the most of what players are available. Indianapolis is drafting much later in each round in 2013 then they were a year ago, so the ranks will be much more thin, once the Colts’ number is called.

Indianapolis went very heavy in offense last season in the draft, and has brought in a fair amount of defensive players through free agency already. The Colts have been built well enough, so that there aren’t very many gaping holes on this team. Still, there are never enough good bodies to put on the front line of any team in the NFL.

The Colts recently added wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey, but still are looking for a new number one wide out to eventually take over for Reggie Wayne. Mainly due to shuffling and injury, the offensive line for the Colts was literally offensive last season. Indianapolis could do well by taking advantage of a draft that is very heavy on offensive line talent.

Indianapolis lost cornerback Jerraud Powers in free agency, but re-signed Darrius Butler at the same position. The Colts could still benefit from picking up a big, shut-down defensive back, to play opposite of Vontae Davis. Through free agency, Indianapolis has loaded up with bodies on the defensive line, but very few would be upset to see some major talent at that position fall to the Colts in the first round.

Drafting in the mid-twenties of each round, the Colts may not shock too many people with surprising pick-ups. Still, they might just pad their positions and patch up a few holes, to help this team move forward for the future.