Indianapolis Colts to Make Upgrades at Lucas Oil Stadium


The Indianapolis Colts have announced that they will be making upgrades to Lucas Oil Stadium. The home of the Colts has only been open for five years, but the organization believes it is time to make a few minor additions, to help improve box suite seating capacity.

The Capital Improvement Board of Indianapolis has agreed to the additions, and will share the cost of two new luxury suites in the upper level of the stadium. The CIB’s plan is to pay for any building costs, up to $2 million. The Colts will cover the cost of anything exceeding the initial allotted funds. The Colts will also pay to install two additional digital billboards inside the stadium.

The new additions will help bring in extra revenue from the luxury suites’ clientele, but may not be a welcome idea for all fans and Indianapolis residents. Taxes were raised initially, when the agreement to build Lucas Oil Stadium was first finalized. Recently, the county admissions tax for pro football and basketball tickets in Indianapolis were also raised, climbing from 6 percent to 10 percent. In a way, the regular everyday fan is already paying for the new billboards and suites.

Lucas Oil Stadium has recently held NCAA tournament games, as well as hosting Super Bowl XLVI successfully. Adding more room for more seating will bring in more income, which could also lead to other high-profile events in the future.