2013 NFL Draft Order for the Indianapolis Colts


As the clock ticks closer to the 2013 NFL Draft, time is running out for teams to be indecisive about what direction they may need to head towards with their prospective picks. The Indianapolis Colts are no different, needing to use they picks they have, to add depth and fill roster holes.The Colts have brought in a lot of talent already this offseason, butthe draft is where a team really decides to stake their claims for the future.

The Colts have five picks in this seven-round draft. The Colts will have to make the most out of what they have, especially since being without a second-round pick. The Colts offered their 2013 pick in round two, in the deal with the Miami Dolphins last season, for the rights to cornerback Vontae Davis. Although the Colts could definitely use a pick in round two, their spot in the mid-twenties of each round, was much higher in the draft order than may have been anticipated last year.

The Draft selections for the Colts are listed below.

Round 1 – 24th overall pick

Round 3 – 86th overall pick

Round 4 – 121st overall pick

Round 6 – 192nd overall pick

Round 7 – 230th overall pick