Are the Indianapolis Colts Finished in NFL Free Agency?


NFL free agency has cooled off in recent weeks, and many teams have switched their focus towards the NFL Draft coming up later this month. The Indianapolis Colts have loaded up across the board in the last month, but still may have their sights set on certain available position players.

The Colts hit heavy with free agents on the defensive side of the ball, bringing in several players who will be battling for spots on the defensive line. Indianapolis also sured-up the safety position, and added depth in their secondary.

The Colts were fairly solid on offense last season, but they still used free agency to make a good thing even better. The Colts added a piece to solidify their offensive line, but that area could still use some tinkering. Adding Matt Hasselbeck to back-up Andrew Luck at the quarterback position give Indianapolis an insurance policy. Wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey is a low-risk high-reward option that will help the Colts in the deep passing game.

Indianapolis doesn’t have as many draft picks this season as they did in 2012, but they are sure to use the picks they have to fill some holes. The Colts will also benefit from the return of several injured defensive players and running backs, who missed a lot of time last season. Still, the Colts might just have a few more free agency tricks up their sleeves.