NFL Free Agency: Available Wide Receivers


With the NFL Draft just about a month away, the tides will soon be turning from the interest of NFL free agency. Many of the top-rated free agent prospects were snatched up pretty quickly, but there still seems to be an abundance of players that might be left out in the cold when it is all said and done. Although it may seem that many of the big fish in the free agent pool have already been scooped up, the roster of remaining free agents haven’t totally been picked clean just yet.

The Indianapolis Colts are still in search of a new wide receiver, but nothing has come to fruition from that search just yet. The Colts are creeping ever-closer to using a 2013 NFL Draft pick on another wide receiver, if no available free agents pique their interest. Still, hope is not lost, because their are a few free agent wide outs on the open market that might just fit in with the Colts.

Even though the Denver Broncos snatched up Wes Welker, there are still a couple of receivers released by the New England Patriots that might look good for the Colts. Brandon Lloyd and Julian Edelman both remain on the free agent market, and both have upsides when it comes to the Indianapolis.

Lloyd was brought to New England last season, and caught 74 passes for four touchdowns. Lloyd is a 12-year veteran, who had a career-high 1,448 receiving yards as a Denver Bronco in 2010. Llyod din’t produce as much as was expected in New England, but his 911 receiving yards last season was pretty decent, when you consider how the Patriots like to spread the ball around.

Julian Edelman is the kind of multiple-threat that could benefit the Colts in several ways. Edelman suffered a foot injury last year, and that may be holding back his free agent status. When healthy, this speedster can catch passes, run the ball, and also return kicks. Over his four-year career, Edelman has nearly 1,00 punt return yards, and over 500 kickoff return yards. Last season, the versatile receiver only had 21 receptions on 32 targets, but twelve of those targets resulted in a first down. Especially considering the return from injury, Edleman could come in at a reduced rate.

There’s nothing wrong with bringing in a former member of the enemy. In 2006, the Colts brought in kicker Adam Vinatieri from New England, and that worked out pretty well. Aside from that, the ranks of receivers are starting to look pretty thin. Names like Randy Moss and Brandon Stokley are still on the market, but the Colts may be looking for more out of a receiver than just a single season.