Indianapolis Colts Will Still Have to Deal With Wes Welker


Pro Bowl wide receiver Wes Welker may no longer be a member of the New England Patriots, but that doesn’t mean that the Indianapolis Colts will not have to deal with their speedy rival for the remainder of his career. Welker will most likely finish his career with the Denver Broncos, which means that the Colts could see him again, in the regular season and playoffs. In fact, the Colts will have to deal with Welker again very soon.

Next season, the Colts will have a match-up against the Denver Broncos. This game would have already been billed as one of the most expected games of 2013, with the marquee match-up of Andrew Luck against Peyton Manning for the first time. This game looks even more interesting, due to the fact that fans in Indianapolis will now have to deal with their former quarterback throwing passes to one of their greatest rivals. Welker has always been a thorn in the side of the Colts franchise, and that sting will hurt even worse, to see him trying to score on passes from Peyton Manning.

The plot could thicken even further, if free agent defensive end/linebacker Dwight Freeney could ink a deal in Denver, as well. Freeney has been in talks with the Broncos, and could find himself joining Manning and Welker, as they all walk back into Lucas Oil Stadium to face the Colts.