Why Hasn’t Dwight Freeney Found a Job?


Former Indianapolis Colts defensive end/outside linebacker Dwight Freeney is still waiting for a new home. NFL free agency is now nearly been going on for a month, and Freeney is still one of the most highly-decorated players remaining on the market. Even though the possible future hall-of-fame sack machine is still talking to several interested teams, but is yet to find the deal he is looking for.

Is Freeney expecting too much? It seems that Freeney and his agent aren’t willing to budge much on contract issues. Whatever contract the 13-year veteran defensive end gets, will most likely be his last contract as a pro. There’s no problem with a player trying to get whatever he thinks he deserves, but there are considerations as to whether or not there are diminishing returns on a big contract for Freeney.

Right off the bat, teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos were interested in bringing the veteran defender in. The Broncos are still in talks with Freeney, but the talks seemed to have stalled. There must obviously be some red flags rising, if one of the biggest free agents on the market is yet to find a job.

It’s a definite possibility that teams aren’t willing to dish out big money, for a player in the final stages of his career. Freeney isn’t quite the player that he used to be, and it would be hard to expect him to return to top form. Last season, Freeney had 12 tackles and five sacks with the Colts.