Andrew Luck Advances in Madden NFL 25 Cover Tournament


As March madness rolls on, so does the contest to see which current or former NFL star will grace this year’s cover of the Madden NFL 25 video game. The 64 players who began this NCAA-style tournament have been whittled down to their own version of the sweet sixteen, and it remains up to the fans around the world to see which player will be the last man standing on the cover of Madden NFL 25.

Two Indianapolis Colts, Reggie Wayne and Andrew Luck, were part of the Madden NFL 25 brackets. Wayne was out-voted in the first round, losing to Hall-of-Fame quarterback Dan Marino. Luck, however, is still alive in the race for the cover. The Colts quarterback has survived to make the top-sixteen, but the road will only get rougher from here.

In the first round, Luck soundly defeated Jake Locker, quarterback for the Tennessee Titans. In round two Luck found himself up against Clay Matthews, Pro-Bowl defensive player from the Green Bay Packers. Colts fans barely overtook the cheese-heads, giving Luck the victory over Matthews, by the slim margin of  53% to 47% of the vote.

Now Luck finds himself up against a familiar foe. Luck will be pitted against, Russell Wilson, second-year quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks. Luck and Wilson didn’t play on the field against each other this season, but they both were neck-and-neck in the race for Rookie of the Year.

Consequently, Luck and Wilson are not the only young quarterbacks still in contention for the Madden cover this year. Rookie of the Year winner Robert Griffin III, and NFC Champion quarterback Colin Kaepernick are also alive in the “New School” bracket.

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