Are the Indianapolis Colts Finished in NFL Free Agency?


The Indianapolis Colts have continued to reload through NFL free agency. A year ago, this team was in the process of totally gutting their roster, in attempts to prepare for the Andrew Luck era. From their starting quarterback to their head coach, the Indianapolis Colts spent 2012 trying to build for a bright future. So far in 2013, the Colts have done their best to pad their power positions, while still filling up holes on their roster.

The Colts spent almost all of their draft picks in 2012 on offense. Defensive tackle Josh Chapman was the only player selected in last year’s draft that wasn’t an offensive weapon. Chapman saw limited time on the field last season, due to a knee injury that he suffered during his final season at Alabama. Chapman has been seen working out well at the Colts’ practice facility, and he may be joining a much more formidable defense this season.

So far in free agency, the Colts have selected a veteran back-up quarterback, as well as a monster offensive lineman. Other than the two free agents on the offensive side of the ball, the Colts brought in nearly ten other players to fill spots on defense. From defensive backs to defensive tackles, the Colts seem to be starting off 2013 with a new frame of mind. The foundation has been laid down for the future of this team, and the future might be bright for the defense again soon.