Indianapolis Colts Officially Sign Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck


Veteran quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was not on the free agent market for long. Early Tuesday morning, the Indianapolis Colts agreed to terms with the veteran. Hasselbeck was scooped up by the Colts soon after he was released by the Tennessee Titans.

Hasselbeck drew interest from several teams, but the Colts wasted no time in bringing him into the fold. Hasselbeck brings a veteran presence to the back-up quarterback position for the Colts. Having a mentor for Andrew Luck will be valuable, as will be having the confidence that Hasselbeck can take over the reigns for the Colts, in the event that something happens to the Pro Bowl starting quarterback. Taking the former quarterback from a division rival doesn’t hurt either. Hasselbeck knows the Titans, who the Colts face twice a year, and might just be able to help give Luck and the Colts a bit of inside insight to how their rivals work.

“I was really excited and fired up after talking to coach (Chuck) Pagano last night,” Hasselbeck said. “This isn’t something that (my family) took lightly. We are very, very excited about the opportunity.”