Indianapolis Colts Crack Top Ten in NFL Power Rankings


The predraft NFL power rankings have been released on, and the Indianapolis Colts may be rated a bit higher than many people expected. Indianapolis has been very active in free agency, bringing in nearly ten new players. Although several of these additions are not flashy, they still seem to show that the Colts are trying to fill their holes, while padding their strengths at the same time.

The recently released power rankings have the Colts listed at number nine in the NFL. Indianapolis, who rebounded from a 2-14 season in 2011, impressed the entire NFL with a totally reloaded team. As far as the predraft power rankings go, the Colts find themselves rated just above the Cincinnati Bengals, and just below the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens. The AFC South rival Houston Texans are rated at number seven, just above the champs. The top predraft ranked team is the Seattle Seahawks.

These power rankings change from day-to-day, with each team’s additions and losses. Very little matters before or after the draft, or much at all, until the season starts. How a team looks on paper does not indicate who they will be when they take the field in September, much less how they will play in December. Still, whether we agree with the power rankings or not, it’s nice to see the Colts getting some love on paper.