Indianapolis Colts Dip Their Toes Into NFL Free Agency Pool


Unlike some other teams, the Indianapolis Colts didn’t begin the first day of NFL free agency by snagging up a high-priced player. Instead, Indianapolis did what they usually do. The Colts decided to rather makes their initial moves a bit more quietly, bringing in a few lower-profile players to fill holes on their roster.

The Colts brought in no less than five new position players, who have all been told that they will compete for starting jobs. Tackle Gosder Cherilus (5th season, Detroit Lions), linebacker Lawrence Sidbury (4th season, Atlanta Falcons), guard Donald Thomas (5th season,  New England Patriots), cornerback Greg Toler (4th year, Arizona Cardinals),  and linebacker Erik Walden (5th season, Green Bay Packers) , were all picked up very quickly once free agency began on Tuesday afternoon. None of these names are flashy, and none of them have really made much noise during their time in the NFL, but the Colts have usually found success with diamonds in the rough.

Just because Indianapolis didn’t grab some of the more flashy free agents right away, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are done shopping. For this young team, it might be better to spread out some money on young talent, rather than take a big-time gamble on a single prime time player. Free agency has just begun, and the Colts may still have a few tricks up their sleeve, before it’s all said and done.