Indianapolis Colts are Looking to Change Their Tunes


There could be some new music being heard at Lucas Oil Stadium next season. After several years and numerous comments about the music at Indianapolis Colts’ home games getting stale, it seems that team management might finally be paying attention. The voice of the people have been requested, and hopefully will be heard from.

The Colts have reached out to local media outlets recently, with a request to hear from fans, concerning their interest in changing the home game music at Lucas Oil Stadium. Indianapolis radio station 1070am, which is the local broadcaster for all Colts games, has been prompting fans to submit their opinions on what musical changes they would like to hear in the future at homes games. Fans now have the chance to let their voice be heard, and to possibly shake up a stale situation at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Many NFL stadiums seem to use the same pump up music year after year. Whether it’s “Who Let The Dogs Out” by the Baha Men, or “Let’s Go” by Trick Daddy, there seems to be the same similarly recycled stuff being played all over the league. The Colts have been pumping in the same pump-up music for quite some time, and a change would be good.

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