Free Agency is Key for Indianapolis Colts


Due to the moves that they have made over the last two seasons, The Indianapolis Colts have a majority of cap space, going into this upcoming free agency period. Indianapolis has made a total overhaul since 2012, cutting loose popular players and future Hall-of-Famers, in order to set up the possibility of building for the future. Those choices have seemingly come to fruition, as Indianapolis now finds itself with a lot of room to move in the offseason.

Indianapolis will be able to once again build through the draft, but they will be more limited than last year. The Colts will draft late in rounds this year, as opposed to having the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Indianapolis will also be one pick lighter, after they traded away their second round pick in the 2013 draft to the Miami Dolphins, for the rights to cornerback Vontae Davis. This all leads to the possibility of Indianapolis doing something that they have rarely done in the past, by making a big splash in free agency.

In upcoming articles, Naptown’s Finest will be covering the available free agents in certain spots, that the Indianapolis Colts might be looking towards. The upcoming draft is seemingly heavy on defense, so there will be good players available in late rounds. Unlike last year, there doesn’t seem to be very many players at any spot who are being considered as overwhelming candidates for super-stardom in the NFL. The chips have seemed to fall into place for the Colts once again this season, but it is still yet to be seen where the Colts will be placing their bets.