2013 NFL Scouting Combine: Defensive Backs


The Indianapolis Colts may have seen more players of interest perform on the final day of workouts at the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine. Tuesday served as the closing day for the combine, spotlighting defensive backs. Defensive backs are definitely an issue for the Colts, and they may have just seen a few performances that could help sway their decision in this April’s NFL Draft.

Several of the defensive backs who did workouts on Tuesday finished as top performers at the combine, which might make them all the more appealing to the Colts, who were burned often in the secondary last season, including a wild card playoff loss to the world champion Baltimore Ravens. Eight of the top fifteen fastest 40-yard dash times at the combine were from defensive backs, including the fifth-fastest 40, from cornerback Darius Slay from Mississippi St., who finished with a time 4.36 in the dash.

Several other safeties and cornerbacks led the combine in the vertical jump drills. Seven of the top ten vertical jumps were defensive backs. There was a five-way tie for the third-best vertical, at 40.5 inches, and all were defensive backs.

The Indianapolis Colts could definitely use some of these talents. They have been thin and abused at the defensive back position, and even their previous draft at those spots have not come to fruition. If the Colts decide to take a cornerback or a safety in the draft, very few would be surprised or upset.