Indianapolis Colts Will Not Bring Back Dwight Freeney


The choice seemed almost inevitable, but when the decision came down, the truth was still tough to hear. On Friday afternoon, the Indianapolis Colts made the announcement that they would not be bringing back linebacker/defensive end Dwight Freeney for next season. Freeney will not be re-signed by the Colts, and will become an unrestricted free agent.

The loss of Freeney is tough, but was almost unavoidable. With Freeney’s contract being up, it meant that that the Colts would have to once again pay the 11-year veteran a big sum of money, to keep him in the fold. Freeney, who has 107.5 career sacks with Indianapolis, has seen his production decrease over the last few seasons. The seven-time Pro Bowler had only five sacks and 12 tackles in 13 games this season.

Freeney will not be on the market long. Some team that is more suited for Freeney’s talents will surely pick him up and pay him well before too long. The Colts changed defensive schemes last season, and Freeney never looked comfortable. He has been battling injuries and age, and the Colts had little choice but to let the future Hall-of-Famer loose.