Where Should the Indianapolis Colts Look in Free Agency?


Now that the Super Bowl is over, and now that certain players from various teams around the NFL are to be released, the free agent buffet seems to get more juicy. As days go by, some players will be cut. Some players will be hit with the franchise tag. Some other players will be out there for contract bargaining, and will be up for grabs, to the highest bidder.

The Indianapolis Colts have a lot of money to spend, in comparison to the other teas in the league. The biggest question before the 2013 NFL Draft, is where the Colts will decide to go for the future.  Should Indianapolis take a big bite into the free agent pool? Should the Colts stay contemporary, and wait for the right free agent to fall into their hands?

Time will only tell, as to who from where the Colts might decide to search out a trade, or to pick up a free agent. When the NFL’s free agency period begins in March, it might just open a floodgate of feee agents, who are looking for a team to prosper with. The Colts have many needs, but they also have much money to spend, when it comes to rebuilding the monster…