When Will the Indianapolis Colts Return to the Super Bowl?


The eyes of the world will rest upon Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, just as they were a year ago in Indianapolis, for Super Bowl XLVI. The Circle City hosted an impressive week-long party for the NFL, after a terrible 2-14 season for the Indianapolis Colts, who were also on the verge of a total change for their franchise. Indianapolis will try and bid to host another Super Bowl soon, but there is a good chance that the Colts will appear in the big game again, before the big game appears again in Indianapolis.

The future of the Indianapolis franchise is not nearly as muddy as it was a year ago at this time, but it is still unclear. After a miraculous surprise of a season, where the Colts faced unexpected challenges and nearly-insurmountable odds, this team turned out to be one of the most impressive stories of inspiration and loyalty in NFL history. The future looks bright for a young team that seems to have even better days ahead of them, but adversity still seems to loom high in the horizon.

The changing of offensive coordinator, offensive line coach, and special teams coach will prove to mark time for adjustment for this team once again. The loss of Bruce Arians, who stepped in as interim head coach for most of the season, will definitely be felt by the offense. Schemes will change for this team, for the second time in two years, and it will be up to these young team leaders to learn and prosper.

The Colts seem to be ready to rise, in a time when much of the AFC seems to be getting a bit long in the tooth. Indianapolis has laid the seeds for the future, by building a team around a confident young quarterback, and impressive offensive weapons. If NFL Executive of the Year Ryan Grigson can continue to stock up on decent draft picks and free agents, then this team could be at the top of their conference and division for a long time to come.