Should the Indianapolis Colts Keep Dwight Freeney?


Dwight Freeney, former Pro Bowl defensive end of the Indianapolis Colts, will be on the brink of change during this NFL off season. Since getting drafted in 2002, Freeney has spent his entire career as a part of the Indianapolis Colts. Freeney has built a Hall-of-Fame career with the Colts, but contract issues (and defensive schemes) may prove to be a sign of change.

The Colts have obviously been building for the future. This franchise has gutted their team, reloaded their roster, and shocked the world, in less than a year’s time. It’s tough to say how many more adjustments will be made in the days to come.

Freeney, as a free agent, will no doubt bring in big money offers from teams around the league. The question is, will (and should) the Colts be willing to match an offer for a legend that isn’t who he was, and doesn’t quite fit into the Colts’ new scheme? Dwight Freeney is possibly the greatest defensive player in Indianapolis Colts history. If Freeney’s price gets too high, then the Colts might need to cut ties.