Andrew Luck Looks Good in Pro Bowl Debut


Andrew Luck, record-breaking rookie quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts, made his debut appearance in the NFL Pro Bowl on Sunday. Luck was chosen as a first alternate, in case one of the other AFC quarterbacks were not available to play in the game. Tom Brady decided to dismiss his invitation, which opened the door for the possible Rookie of the Year to make his first (of many possible) Pro Bowl invites to Hawaii.

Luck was the third AFC quarterback to enter the game, behind Matt Schaub from the Houston Texans, and someone named Peyton Manning. Luck didn’t win the game for the AFC, but had a better rating than either of his fellow quarterbacks. Luck ended the game with two touchdowns, and 205 yards, on 12-19 passes.

The fact that Brady decided to ditch the 2013 Pro Bowl may have not seemed like like much in the short term. The fact that Brady’s resignation opened the door for Andrew Luck, could come back to bite Brady in the butt down the road. Just like Brady and Manning have been breaking records set by legends like Dan Marino and Brett Favre, this rookie class of quarterbacks may someday find themselves breaking records set by Manning and Brady.