Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning to Take the Same Field


It could be the best super hero comic book ever, or a classic buddy cop movie. They could call it “The Master and the Student”, or “Gathering of the Gunslingers“. Peyton Manning, the wiley veteran, and Andrew Luck, the record-breaking rookie, will  take the field for the first time during this Sunday’s Pro Bowl. Although the two quarterbacks will obviously not play on the same field at the same time, just seeing these two together is a dream of a team-up for football fans.

The 2013 NFL Pro Bowl will be a small sample of what fans can expect to see later in the year. Next season, Manning will return to Indianapolis for the first time since being released from the team in 2012. When he returns, he will be leading a new team, wearing a different jersey, and walking into a different locker room. Manning will be standing on the opposite sideline, looking across the field at his old team, and a whole lot of new faces. When Manning and the Denver Broncos take on the Indianapolis Colts next season, it will be a titanic clash, and a retuning storyline fit for a Marvel comic. Sunday’s Pro Bowl might calm down the anticipation of seeing Luck and Manning on the same field at the same time, or it might just fan the flames of interest.

The relationship between Luck and Manning goes back to when young Andrew used to attend the Manning family’s quarterback camps. Even though Manning mentored the rookie sensation as a teenager, there is little doubt that the grizzly old gunslinger is pretty much done showing the student his tricks. When the two take the field on Sunday, all eyes will be on them, due to the connection of their separate story lines, that just happen to constantly cross paths. One way or another, it will be interesting to the the future and the past of the Indianapolis Colts wearing the same jersey on the same sideline.