Andrew Luck Named to 2013 NFL Pro Bowl


For one reason or another, Andrew Luck may not get to be named Rookie of the Year this season. Luck broke many rookie records, and led his reloaded team to one of the greatest single-season turnarounds in NFL history, but still may fall short to other impressive performances from Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson. Regardless, Luck will still find himself playing in Hawaii, for the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl.

When the Pro Bowl announcements were made, Luck was not included on the roster, yet was chosen as an alternate. Aside from his impressive debut season, Luck found himself in tough competition to find a spot in the AFC Pro Bowl selections. Luck was chosen as an alternate behind Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Matt Schaub.

Conventional wisdom would have expected Luck to make the Pro Bowl roster regardless, due to the fact that one of those other three quarterbacks would have made this year’s Super Bowl. Well, Joe Flacco snuck up on everybody, and helped to eliminate three of the four aforementioned quarterbacks from Super Bowl contention. The “Flacc Attack” pretty much knocked off the top-rated quarterbacks in the league.

Luck now gets his chance to play in the Pro Bowl as a rookie, which is an honor in itself. The rookie gets his shot to get leighed in Hawaii, due to reports that Tom Brady will not be able to play in Sunday’s game because of injury. Brady’s injury has not yet been specified, but perhaps he has a broken heart, from choking away a win last Sunday.