A Loss for New England Patriots is Still a Win for Indianapolis Colts Fans


The Baltimore Ravens have advanced to Super Bowl XLVII, which is bad for fans of the Indianapolis Colts in some ways, but good in other ways. The Ravens began their posteason push by defeating their former franchise in the AFC wildcard round, which was a tough pill to swallow, and was a disappointing end to an inspirational season for Indianapolis. On the other hand, the Ravens also kept the New England Patriots from getting another win in their myriad of title games and Super Bowl appearances. The fact that the Ravens won was bittersweet for Colts fans. Seeing the Patriots lose helps to soften the blow just a bit.

A win for New England would have meant just more solidifying of an already amazing run for that team over the last twelve years. The legend of what this team has been able to do, regardless of scandals and setbacks, was established long ago. Yet one more Super bowl appearance, win or lose, would continue to silence talk of anything but a decade-plus of dominance (especially in the AFC) by New England. For this team to come up short shows a case for the fact this franchise is not bulletproof. For all of their past and present successes, the Patriots can still walk around with their chests puffed out. To see that legend hampered just a bit by big losses, will help to quiet talks of whether or not this run was the best run ever.

Because of the rivalry during this run, any loss for the Patriots is a small victory for fans of the Indianapolis Colts. It’s tough for Indianapolis fans to watch New England win. The rivalry will go on, and both teams will do battle again, but one less Super Bowl appearance won’t lessen what the Patriots have accomplished during this era. As far as this AFC Championship game goes, it seems that Indianapolis Colts fans saw a victory for the lesser of two evils.