Indianapolis Colts Bring in a New Vice President


The turnaround for the Indianapolis Colts this year won’t be quite as dramatic as it was after last season. The Colts found themselves in unfamiliar territory, having to gut their team from the inside out. At first glance, the choice to reload this franchise seemed to be the work of a madman. Looking back a year later, the Colts seem to be well built for the future, and the rest of the NFL seems to be paying attention to that fact, as well.

In today’s NFL, success breeds the interest of the covetous, and there has already been pieces of this Colts team that have been targeted by other franchises. Tom Telesco, former Vice President of Football Operations for Indianapolis, was recently picked up by the San Diego Chargers. Telesco worked in various roles for the Colts franchise over the last 15 years.

With Telesco’s loss, the Colts have now hired a new VP of football operations, by bringing in Jimmy Raye. Raye has nearly 18 years of NFL experience, 17 of which came as a part of the Chargers. Raye has had many titles during his time in the NFL, but this will be his first time at this specific position. Telesco was a part of one of the most successful franchises is NFL history, which included two Super Bowl appearances, and one of the biggest single-season turnarounds ever.  As Raye steps into the Circle City, he will find himself with some big shoes to fill.