One Last Look Back: Indianapolis Colts vs Baltimore Ravens


In a very emotional game, the Indianapolis Colts had their season ended by the Baltimore Ravens. To find some follow-up insight on this AFC wildcard game, I sent a few more questions to Tynan Patrick, from

Naptown’s Finest –  Was there anything that surprised you about last Sunday’s game?

Ebony Bird – . Maybe the final score and Ray Rice fumbling twice. I expected this to be a game that the Ravens controlled with their physicality and ground game, but I didn’t expect them to be so firmly in control the entire game. The Colts did a good job of keeping it close into the third quarter, but in the end the Ravens were able to flex their muscle and balloon the score to a bit bigger margin than the play of both teams indicate it would be.

NF –  What was you impression of Andrew Luck?

EB – I have been impressed with Luck all season long. If I had a vote he would easily be my rookie of the year. He inherited the worst roster of the big three rookie QBs(Luck, RGIII, and Wilson) and he did just as much or more with it. The best QBs elevate the play of their teammates and Luck certainly did that. To have also dealt with all of the things the Colts have dealt with in losing Pagano for almost the entire season and still play the way he did is impressive. I thought the Colts D laid down a bit towards the end of that game Sunday, but Luck fought through to the end. He made some mistakes like the pick by Cary Williams on a throw that he stared down pretty strongly, but he fought like a champ till the final whistle. In the end the Ravens were just to talented and to emotional for him to beat.

NF –  What do you expect from Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos?

EB –  I expect Manning to play like Manning. He is going to get his yards and probably his points, the trick for the Ravens is going to be keeping him off the field as long as possible. The Ravens lost the possession battle by a huge margin to the colts, they can’t afford to do the same against the broncos. The Ravens need big games from Flacco, Rice and the surging rookie Bernard Pierce who has now topped 100 yards twice in the past few weeks. Using a strong run game to dominate the clock and playing good red zone defense will be the keys to stopping Manning.

I’d like to thank Tynan for his time and effort. You can read more from Tynan Patrick at Naptown’s Finest will continue to cover the Colts on a daily basis, all year long.