Offensive Line Injuries Crippled the Indianapolis Colts


As the season progresses, every NFL team has to deal with their fair share of injuries. As the playoffs approach, almost every player in the league finds themselves either playing through or sidelined by various injuries. How these teams and players deal with and work around thses injuries, seems to show how they will look an perform at the end of the season.

By the end of the season, the offensive line injuries for the Indianapolis Colts could have rivaled any emergency room in the country. The Colts found themselves swapping offensive lineman in and out from the very beginning of the season. Do to various injuries throughout the season, the Colts found themselves putting in new pices on the offensive line week after week. This situation, compounded by starting a rookie quarterback, made a difficult regular season seem nearly impossible. The fact that the Colts still ended up winning 11 games is not only impressive, its almost unimaginable.

The Colts will have many decisions to make, now that their season has ended. The choices on the offensive line will be a major focus in the offseason. There are players, like veteran Winston Justice, who looked good prior to injury, but have to deal with expiring contracts. There are rookies, like center A.Q. Shipley, who filled in well when called upon in a flash. The Indianapolis Colts have a lot of talent on their offensive line, and they obviously needed all of it this season. The big decision for next year, will be to try and find who can play the best, and stay healthy at the same time.