Indianapolis Colts Conclude Inspiring Season With Uninspired Play


People may say that the Indianapolis Colts finally ran out of “Luck”. Others may say that the “Chuck” stops here. Regardless of what happens from here on out, or what happened previously, the bottom line is that the season has officially ended for the Indianapolis Colts.

First off, the Colts have nothing to be ashamed of. Their inspirational season may have ended with a dull thud, but that fact does not take away from the efforts and successes that were the real story of the 2012-13 Indianapolis Colts. This team had their chances to steal away a wildcard win against the Baltimore Ravens, but could never really capitalize on the options they were given. For their fifth road loss of the season, the Colts fell behind early away from home, and came short of playing catch up. Inspiration could not carry this young Colts team over the fact that the simply couldn’t execute when it was needed most. More than anything, the rookies played much like rookies, and it showed.

This team, led by a record-breaking rookie quarterback, won nine more games this year than they did last season. Their complete reloading of coaches, managers, and players merely resulted in the second-greatest turnaround in the history of the NFL. Not only did this team play most over their season without their head coach, they also lost their offensive coordinator to illness just hours before their playoff game. Their offensive and defensive lines were wrecked by injury all season long, and still this team pulled out one of the best records in the league.

The Indianapolis Colts can keep their head high. Yes, they fell short when it mattered most, but one loss does not discount the efforts from top to bottom that made this team the best story in the league this year. The future is bright for the Colts, and Naptown’s Finest will continue to cover it all.