Bruce Arians Released From Baltimore Hospital


Bruce Arians, offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts, has been officially been released from a Baltimore area hospital. Arians was taken to this hospital from the team hotel on Sunday morning, and was unable to join the Colts for their game against the Baltimore Ravens. at press time of this article, Arians is reportedly on his way back home to Indianapolis.

Arians, who was under the weather for most of last week, was unable to coach for the Colts on Sunday, due to a nagging inner ear infection. Doctors admitted Arians to a local Baltimore hospital, and advised that he not return to the sideline for the game. Arians was held under doctor’s care overnight, missing the flight home with the rest of the team, as well.

Now that Arians is on the mend, he returns to Indianapolis with many options opening up for his near future. Arians is expected to begin fielding offers from NFL teams with open head coaching positions as early as the next few days. Arians has never held a head coaching position in the NFL, but after a stellar turnaround season with the Colts, he is considered to be one of the hottest prospects in the league. Arians helped coach quarterback Andrew Luck to a stellar rookie season, and helped lead the Colts to nine wins as interim head coach, in the absence of Chuck Pagano.