Similarities Abound for Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens


The Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens just can’t seem to avoid each other. These two decorated franchises have history that dates back to 1947. From Johnny Unitas and Jeff George, to Trent Dilfer and Peyton Manning, to Joe Flacco and Andrew Luck, the history of the horseshoe is deep and well documented.

This Sunday, the former Colts and the current Colts will once again do battle in the AFC Playoffs. Even though the Indianapolis Colts have taken down the Baltimore Ravens in their last two postseason meetings, there is still much more to this match-up than just the past. When the Colts and the Ravens take the field this Sunday, there will be careers on the line, as well as history. Ray Lewis, Baltimore’s future Hall-of-Fame linebacker, has already pronounced his retirement at the end of this season. Yet and still, the connections between these two teams run deeper than just a name, a logo, or a location.

Sunday’s game will mark the first return to Baltimore for Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano, who spent several years as a coach for the respected Ravens defense. When Pagano came to Indianapolis, he brought over several players from Baltimore, including defensive tackle Cory Redding, and safety Tom Zbikowski. Pagano’s plan for this young Colts team was to make good, but not to mimic, the success of his Ravens defenses.

One of the other coaches in the mix on Sunday will undoubtedly add to the drama of the game. Jim Caldwell, who coached the Indianapolis Colts to a losing Super Bowl appearance in 2010, was recently promoted to offensive coordinator of the Ravens. Caldwell’s effect on the Colts has been highly criticized, and his effect on the Ravens is yet to be determined.

Although both of these teams are very different from when they last met in the AFC Playoffs, their similarities are still uncanny and unavoidable. Either way, Sunday’s game will prove to be one more awesome chapter in an amazing story.