Discussing the Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans, Part One


The Indianapolis Colts finish up their regular season with a divisional rematch against the Houston Texans this Sunday. I got in touch with Antonio Furgiuele, editor of the Texans’ website, www.torotimes.com, to see what he thinks about this Sunday’s game.

Naptown’s Finest – Since the Colts have locked up the fifth seed in the AFC Playoffs, do you think Indy should rest their starters against the Texans in week 17?

Toro Times–   don’t believe in it, but then again i’m not a head coach. You have to ask yourself is there anything to play for? The Colt locked up the wildcard and thats the best they can get. They shouldn’t dwell on being either the 5/6 seed because every playoff team is a good one. Then again Coach Pagano is back and its the last home game as they know it, so who knows lol. Either way, the Texans want home field advantage, so there starters will be out there.

NF – Do you think J.J. Watt is the NFL Denfensive Player of the Year?

TT –  I think Watt has made a strong case for Defensive Player of the year. The swats, the sacks, the tackles for losses, he’s been an instrumental part of his team. There are a lot of players like that though. If Watt can break the sack record however, he should undoubtedly get it.

NF – Why do you think the Texans don’t get more respect from the media, even though they have one of the best teams and records in the NFL?

TT – The Texans have clinched a first round bye, they’re a newer franchise, but above all they don’t talk. The media loves New York for how much trash players talk, especially the Jets; yet the Texans are more of a quiet team. They perform week in and week out and then they go home. As my friend Tim likes to say, you don’t see a bunch of baboons bellowing about how good their team is. The Texans are good right now, they’ve shown that, they don’t need to go on camera to say it.

Stay tuned to Naptown’s Finest for more from my discussion with Antonio from Toro Times, which will be posted soon.