Indianapolis Colts Fans Should Have a Merry Xmas


The Indianapolis Colts have shocked the NFL all season. Not only have they already won eight more games this year than they did all of last season, this reloaded franchise has done so with poise and perseverance in the face of adversity. This team is far from perfect, but has ultimately exceeded expectations all year long.

Very few thought that the Colts would be over .500, much less win enough games to return to the AFC Playoffs. After a 20-13 win against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, the Colts have ensured themselves a chance at a championship, regardless of what was expected. This team is proud, has a no-give-up attitude, and they have earned every bit of the attention that they have acquired. Yet and still, the job is not done for this team. Many of their victories have been last-second comebacks, which is a tribute to their dedication, but also shows how thin they can be at times. Indianapolis fans should be proud of their young team and record-breaking rookie quarterback for standing tall in the face of so much adversity his season. The Colts will also have to accept and understand that their job is not yet done.

The biggest blessing of this holiday season for the Indianapolis Colts is the return of head coach Chuck Pagano. Pagano is finally back to coaching full-time after three rounds of leukemia therapy, and will be on the field with his team this Sunday. The Colts have been blessed in many ways, and seem to have found lightning in a bottle this season, but their job is not yet done. From here on out, the best gift of the holiday season, would be another Super Bowl championship for this this team, their coach, this franchise, and their fans.