Indianapolis Colts Qualify for AFC Playoffs


The 2012 Indianapolis Colts continue to make history. On the same day that Andrew Luck broke the all-time rookie quarterback passing yardage record, the Colts became only the third team in history to return to the NFL Playoffs after winning two games or less on the previous season. Only the 1984 New England Patriots and the 2008 Miami Dolphins have ever had similar turnarounds.

With a sloppy but successful 20-13 road win against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Indianapolis Colts have punched their ticket for the AFC Playoffs. This achievement is astounding in its historical significance, and unheard of in this league. After a dismal 2-14 season, and a complete overhaul of the organization, the Colts have returned to the posteason. After only one year of missing the playoffs, and residing at the bottom of the league, Indianapolis will once again have a chance at another championship.

This franchise has found themselves in rarefied air all year. It could be said that the Colts are playing with house money, and that no matter what happens with them in the playoffs, this season has been a success. As much of a prestigious accomplishment as this achievement is, the Colts will still need work, if they want to succeed from here on out. Making the posteason is not enough for this young and hungry team. This never-say-die squad wants to work and improve to move on, and they will have to do just that.