Discussing the Indianapolis Colts vs the Kansas City Chiefs, Part One


The Indianapolis Colts make a trip to the wild confines of Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday, to do battle with the struggling Kansas City Chiefs. This week, I got in touch with Patrick Allen, editor of the Chiefs’ website, www.arrowheadaddict.com, to see what his expectations were for this game.

Naptown’s Finest – The Chiefs Have had a rough season for many reasons, on and off the field. Could you sum up the state of this team and their fan base right now?

Arrowhead Addict – It’s a disaster. The Chiefs came in to the season with what many people thought was a playoff caliber roster. The QB situation was a bit of a question but most figured the team around Matt Cassel was good enough to support average QB play.
The problem, I think, starts with the coaching staff. I think they are just awful and they put a team on the field that is playing undisciplined football. There is talent on this team and there is just no excuse for the poor performance. It may be one of the worst coaching jobs in NFL history.

NF – The Chiefs have had trouble scoring since Dewayne Bowe went down. Where would you expect points to come from this week?

AA – If points come from anywhere, it will be from Jamaal Charles or our kicker, Ryan Succop. The Chiefs’ only hope is to try to run the ball. If Indy can hold serve up front, they’ll easily win the day.

NFJamaal Charles is quietly second in the AFC in rushing yards, and has  rushed for over 100 yards in four of his last six games. What would you  expect from him on Sunday?

AA – Charles is one of the most dangerous backs in the NFL. If he gets his touches, he’ll almost always produce. Every once in a while the KC offensive line gets stonewalled but you can hardly blame Charles for that. If they give him a chance to get to the line of scrimmage consistently, he’ll burn you for some yards.

Stay posted for the second half of my discussion with Patrick Allen, which will be up on Naptown’s Finest.com soon. You can also read more about this match-up on Arrowhead Addict.com. Follow our two websites on Twitter@arrowheadaddict , @hootiewhodisbe.